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Whitsunday Island Day Trips

Whitsunday Bullet Day Trip

The Whitsundays offers a huge variety of day trips around the islands and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and each tour is tailored to suit all travellers’ needs and desires. The most common day trips are those which visit the hotspots of the region, including Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet and offer some snorkelling as some of the best reefs around the islands.

But the variety of tours doesn’t stop there. With some 50 different day trips, there really is something for everyone, suiting all budgets and age groups. Guests can snorkel, dive, relax, fish, swim, bushwalk, or just enjoy the view, depending on which day tour you choose.

And there aren't just boat trips - there is a variety of scenic flights, island day tours, fishing, diving and snorkelling tours that allow something for everyone to enjoy their day in the Whitsundays. 

Here are the categories of trips to choose from:

  • Fast Day tours: Fast day tours are great for those who are short on time but want to see it all in one day. These tours include: Thundercat, Whitsunday Bullet, Ocean Rafting, Camira, Jetski tours, Big Fury, Pioneer Jet, and more
  • Sailing Day Trips: Sailing trips are great those those who want to experience authentic sailing while in the Whitsundays. Trips include: Southern Cross, Camira, Providence, Derwent Hunter and Illusions
  • Fishing Tours: Fishing in the Whitsundays is unlike any other fishing you've ever experienced! Trips include: Fishing Whitsundays, Bay Fishing Adventure and more
  • Scenic Flights: See the Whitsundays from above with one of our amazing scenic flights. Trips include: Seaplane, helicopter and fighter pilot tours
  • Reef Trips: Go to the Outer Great Barrier Reef during a day trip with Reefworld, Seaplane Reef adventure, Helireef and more
  • Island Tours: These tours allow you to top at some of the amazing Whitsunday Islands. Trips includeThundercat, Whitsunday Bullet, Southern Cross, Camira, Ocean Rafting, Fly n Cruise package, Whitsunday jetski, Providence, Reefstar, Big Fury, Derwent Hunter, Mantaray, and more.
  • Diving Tours: Try your hand at Scuba Diving during your day trip in the Whitsundays. Trips include: Whitsunday Bullet, Reefworld, Illusions, Mantaray
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