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Where Was Stan’s New Murder Mystery Black Snow Filmed?

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Tom Linkins
Updated Wed 25 Jan 2023

Travis Fimmel as Detective James Cormack in Black SwanTravis Fimmel as Detective James Cormack in Black Swan. Image source: Stan

Hot on the heels of blockbuster romcom Ticket to Paradise and Zac Efron’s travel and sustainability series, the cameras have returned once again to the unparalleled beauty of tropical Far North Queensland. This time they’re zeroing in on the small rural township of Proserpine, which serves as the backdrop for the chilling new Stan Original drama Black Snow as the town plunges into the secrets of its past when an unsolved murder resurfaces.

The six-episode series will premiere New Year’s Day, providing the perfect binge-worthy hangover cure to lick your self-inflicted booze wounds too. Black Snow is led by sexy Vikings star Travis Fimmel who was frequently found photobombing locals and tourists during shooting. 

On-screen, Fimmel trades his Viksø Viking helmet for a shiny gold detective badge as cold-case Detective James Cormack. When a time capsule is unearthed in 2020, more than just sweet coming-of-age memories are brought to light. Detective Cormack is left to connect the dots behind the 25-year-old murder of high school student Isabel Baker, but can he crack the case before the forces who’d rather keep mum close in around him?

Lucas Taylor, the brains behind the Queensland-made production, says Proserpine is ‘a dramatic backdrop for Black Snow’s mystery to unfold — a place of stunning beauty that is hiding dark secrets.’

Where is Proserpine?

Proserpine Museum front decks

You’ll find the rural township of Proserpine in the tropical Whitsundays region. Most notable is its sugar legacy, Proserpine boasts one of the most modern sugar mills in the world, established back in 1897. It’s also a hot destination for camping and fishing enthusiasts, and Peter Faust Dam (aka Lake Proserpine) has more barramundi over a metre long than any other dam in Australia!

After suffering significant damage from Cyclone Debbie back in 2017, residents and past and prospective visitors will delight at seeing Proserpine back in good health on screen. The Queensland-made production also created around 550 jobs for Queenslanders and brought approximately $10 million into the state economy. We love a local production.

If you’re in the Whitsundays region why not do some Detective Cormack sleuthing yourself? Proserpine is only a 25-minute drive (45 minutes on the 860 bus), so toddle on over to witness the vast fields of sugarcane for yourself and see if you can match locations with scenes! And check out our Proserpine tips to see what other treats lay in store for your visit.

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