St Bees Island

St Bees Island

Can I stay on St Bees island?

Located within the Cumberland Island Group lies St Bees Island. Known as a quiet volcanic isle fringed with reefs, rainforests, and dense grasslands, St Bees is a privately owned island, with only basic camping facilities available.

Home to a world-famous Koala population, wallabies and ample bird species, this lovely little hidden gem is another great example of the wonderful surprises tucked away in the Whitsunday Islands. 

Once open to the public and accessible by private boat, St Bees is now more of a millionaires' recluse since it was sold in 2019. Unfortunately, this means visitors cannot stay in the once open resort and check out the wonders found in this corner of the Whitsundays. However, it is an interesting island to sail past, or even stop by for a day trip, with its large pristine bays and beautiful coral reefs.

The island is 1100 hectares in size which is mostly National Park. Whales attend St Bees Island from July to September each year as they migrate north to warmer waters to mate and calve. Many can be spotted close to “Eagle Rock” the southern point of Homestead Bay.

The Cremer can be found off St Bees Island after running aground in a storm in 1943. Luckily, there were no casualties, but the ship was stripped and then abandoned, later taken from the shore, and laid to rest near St Bees. It was rediscovered in 1984 under a cliff on St Bees Island and it is now a popular site for snorkelling and diving. The wreck is home to many Sweetlips, Honeycomb Groupers, and turtles.

While visitors can no longer stay on St Bees Island Resort, it remains a biodiverse and wonderful slice of the Whitsundays... who knows, maybe one day you could own a slice of paradise, Pina Colada in hand! 

St Bees Island palm trees

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