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See the Great Barrier Reef on a budget

Trying to save pennies but still want to have the holiday of a lifetime on the east coast of Australia, with a Great Barrier Reef experience?

Airlie Beach has a number of trips to the outer reef and not all of them will break your bank. This means you can relax and soak in the magic of the world phenomenon which is the Great Barrier Reef with peace of mind.

Top 5 ways to visit the Great Barrier Reef on a budget:

1. Anaconda 3
This popular 3 day/ 3 night sailing trip is 1 of just 2 boats which visits the outer Great Barrier Reef as well as the Whitsundays Islands. Because of its unique itinerary, which includes Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout, Anaconda 3 takes a diverse group of guests of varied ages making it a relaxed and enjoyable tour for all. Anaconda 3 features private cabins, onboard diving, snorkelling and more. As a maxi yacht, Anaconda takes up to 32 guests and is a fantastic sailing vessel! And, all for great value!

2. Reefsleep
The newest and exciting overnight experience has to be the Cruise Whitsundays Reefsleep which offers lucky guests the opportunity to sleep and experience the magic of the reef after all other guests leave for the day. Taking just 12 guests at a time, Reefsleep offers a whole day at the pontoon with activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, semi-submersible and underwater viewing chamber, as well as a comfortable nights' sleep in your choice of accommodation. There are crew onboard and meals included so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the scenery and company of your fellow guests. Check out the Backpackers price!

3. Day Trip
There is just one day tour in the Whitsundays which heads to the outer Great Barrier Reef and there are backpacker prices, so don't despair. Reefworld takes guests on an enjoyable ride to the pontoon located on Hardy Reef and there are plenty of water-based activities to join in so you get the most out of your experience. While at the pontoon, guests are able to snorkel, dive, check out the semi submersible, underwater viewing chamber and take a scenic flight and more. (Extra charges apply).

4. Scenic Flight
Starting from just $199, you are able to witness the outer Great Barrier Reef from the air! The most popular scenic flight is the 1 hour Heart Reef flight which takes guests over the Great Barrier Reef and Heart Reef, Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island and more. Depending on your budget, you may be able to embark on a special seaplane adventure which actually stops at a private glass bottom boat located on the outer reef, and more!

5. Daydream Island Resort and Spa
For those who can't make it to the outer reef, you may like the option of visiting the 'Living Reef' Coral Lagoon based on Daydream Island Resort and Spa. This special attraction features around 140 species of marine fish, including reef sharks, stingrays, starfish, barramundi and sea cucumbers, and 83 species of coral. The living reef offers a realistic insight of what the real Great Barrier Reef is like. And don't miss the fishing feeding and eco talks scheduled throughout the day.

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