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Night Diving in the Whitsundays

If you a certified diving enthusiast and want to get the most out of your underwater experience in the Whitsundays, then you cannot go passed the chance to do a night dive.

Only a small number of vessels are able to carry out this special activity, and to see the underwater world come to life in the evening, is something few avid divers can pass up!

Night scuba diving is very different and unique to day-time exploring around the Whitsunday Islands and outer Great Barrier Reef Marina Park.

There is an incredible array of nocturnal marine life to see, including the special crustaceans including crabs and crayfish, as well as fish species such as the barracuda.

But it’s not just the critters which come out to play as the sun sets, you will also be able to see the variety of coral which blooms after dark as well as the famous bioluminescent organisms which actually glow!

Night Scuba Diving Options

Anaconda 3 - A 3 day/ 3 night sailing trip on a maxi yacht which goes to the outer Great Barrier Reef with chance for certified night diving.

Apollo - A 3 day 2 night fast sailing trip on a maxi yacht around the Whitsunday islands. Apollo is equipped for onboard scuba diving with the option for night diving.

Reefsleep - The ultimate hotel on the water at the Great Barrier Reef Reefworld pontoon. While spending the entire night at Reefworld, why not do a night dive.

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