Shared Accommodation on Whitsunday Boats

Our array of luxury sailing experiences have accommodation options to suit everybody. With a wonderful range of purpose-built shared accommodation spaces, you’ll be impressed for choice.

By sharing with a handful of fellow travellers aboard your next Whitsunday adventure, you can enjoy optimal comfort and ultimate relaxation without the price tag. With the help of our friendly travel agents, we’ll have you resting easy in no time! 

What is shared accommodation?

Onboard shared accommodation means that guests share a sleeping area with others. Each guest will receive their own single or double bed, with fresh linen provided. Shared sleeping arrangements range between vessels, but typically have around three to six guests in a space. Many vessels will have curtains for privacy or utilise bunk beds (pictured below) to ensure that guests aren’t sleeping right beside others. Share cabins are also available, usually featuring two double beds for a more private option (pictured above).

Our vessels are all built for comfort and to provide the best Whitsunday experience for everybody… all you need to do is pack your bags and relax into the island luxury that awaits!

Summertime shared accommodation bunks, Whitsundays

Why choose shared accommodation?

While the term shared accommodation may rekindle memories of restless nights, little privacy and a noisy hostel pub downstairs, our range of luxury onboard shared accommodation ensures a very different experience. Privacy, relaxation, small numbers and a good night’s sleep are readily available to suit any budget! Our team of local, expert travel agents consistently recommend shared spaces for those wanting to enjoy the same magical Whitsunday trip without breaking the bank.  

It’s also useful to weigh up the importance of private vs shared accommodation in relativity to your adventure-filled itinerary. Unsurprisingly, a lot of our guests find that between early morning starts, on-deck lounging and activities such as snorkelling, diving, SUPing, hiking and exploring, they don’t actually spend that much time in their cabins! And we don’t blame them - with tropical bliss and island magic at your fingertips, relaxation is best served while soaking up the sun, salt and sand outside! 

Relaxing on Adventurer Boat Deck, Whitsundays

During your time on the water, our crew ensures that your cabins are quiet, private and the perfect place to regenerate for a new day of island hopping! Out of respect for others, guests are not permitted to socialise and/or make excessive noise in the shared sleeping areas at night. There is plenty of room to hang out and have fun on the deck, so guests are advised to socialise here and go to bed only when they’re ready to sleep, creating a quiet and cosy cabin atmosphere!

As your friendly travel agents, we are committed to choosing the right tour for you. Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing tropical getaway, or you’re after a more social island adventure, we’ll make sure that you’re on a tour with like-minded travellers. Don’t miss out on sailing the Whitsundays in style and witnessing the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, just because you don’t have a private room. Shared accommodation is the perfect, accessible option for those wanting to explore our slice of paradise… on any budget! 

Our team of local travel experts are here to help. With answers to any of your questions, we’ll help you find your perfect Whitsunday experience today!

Contact us on +61 74914 2425, or live chat with an agent here.

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