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Where did Apollo get its name?

Apollo is an overnight sailing boat that calls the Whitsunday Islands home, and offers guests three days and two nights to explore this beautiful and unique part of the world. Twenty-six guests can sail around the islands in comfort to see what the amazing reefs and islands have to offer for an unforgettable and magical time at sea!

Apollo is a staple in the Whitsundays and is a fan favourite. It's action packed days full of fun activities are meant for making memories. Its itinerary nor its name are for those who lack imagination, with an intricate origin that only gives its bearer a more interesting history and backstory.

Apollo was a god in both Roman and Greek mythology who was known for many things and was the bearer of much folklore. He is one of the few gods to keep the same name in both religions, but had different roles and responsibilities in each. He is best known for playing his golden lyre, which he used to entertain the gods, and became a symbol for Apollo himself. He was a musician, a twin to Artemis, a son of Zeus and a patron to many. He is known for teaching man the art of medicine, which he passed onto his son Asclepius (who was born from a mortal) but was also known for his ability to bring plague and ill-health to people. He was a friend to the the nine muses, who inspired art and music, and perhaps gave him some creative influence. Because of this creative flair, Apollo is known is the patron god of poetry and music.

On top of all these amazing gifts, Apollo was also known for this honesty and integrity and so was gifted with the art of prophecy, and so could see into the future. For this he was also known as the God of Truth.

He was a staple Greek God in his time and clearly continues to influence people today. His namesake in the Whitsundays is also an inspiration for some, leaving her guests with unforgettable memories and long lasting friends.

Sailing the Whitsundays, Apollo.

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