Holiday Dollars are coming to the Whitsundays!

Whitsunday Holiday Dollars

As the borders open up and travel becomes a part of the lexicon again, the Whitsundays is raring to host travelers from far and wide. To boost exploring in its early days, the Queensland Government has announced there will be an injection of tourism dollars for lucky travellers. 

There will be 30,000 vouchers available for Queensland residents to redeem 50% off tours, attractions or accommodation in the Greater Brisbane region, up to the value of AUD $100.  There will also be 6000 vouchers for lucky punters to redeem on the turquoise coast of the Whitsundays.

Travellers will be able to redeem up to 50 percent off tours and attractions in the Whitsundays region, up to the value of AUD $200.

Whether you want to sail and snorkel the crystal-clear waters, laze about on the silica white sand or fly high above Heart Reef, the Whitsundays Holiday Dollars are made for you!

Why go Whitsundays?

As the heart and soul of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays is a hot spot of natural wonders, glorious sights and magical marine life. Perched on the east coast of Queensland, Airlie Beach is usually touted as the centre of the Whitsundays, and is home to a quirky and vibrant community of locals and expats. 

Boasting beautiful weather all year round, the Whitsundays is an incredible place to explore during the winter time. When the south of Australia is still cold, the Whitsundays remains temperate and warm during the day, meaning you can explore the deep blue to your heart's content! Move over Sydney, we know you can't snorkel in the peak of winter there!

The Whitsundays region is also dotted with a myriad of great inland activities as well. From hiking in the bush to swimming in fast-flowing creeks and eating lunch at a charming airport hangar, the Whitsundays is in its own league when it comes to tourism.

So how does it work?

To nab tourism dollars for the Whitsundays, you’ll have to wait until May 4th to find out all of the details. In the meantime, our friendly staff are online 24/7 for any information you might need about your upcoming adventure!

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