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Should I get Travel Insurance?

The simple answer to this is ‘yes’, you should get travel insurance before travelling to the Whitsundays or anywhere else. Sailing Whitsundays travel agents always recommend obtaining travel insurance when booking your Whitsundays tour, just in case you need it or something comes up. It's a great safeguard and can save you a lot of money in the long run if you have to utilize it. 

There are many reasons that everyone should get travel insurnace and almost all travel agencies would also recommend insurance cover when you are travelling. Travel insurance does not benefit your travel agent - instead it protects you while travelling and is great for many things. Depending on the type you get, it can cover cancelled trips, medical needs, loss of property and more.

All travel includes risks. We recommend that everyone have travel insurance to cover illness, injury, loss or damage of personal belongings or not being able to travel on your confirmed date of departure. Particularly when it comes to an overnight boat trip, there are many things which may stop the trip from departing, and without travel insurance, you may not receive any money back.

There are many reasons that may come into play when it comes to travel insurance or having to deal with an insurance company. From flight delays, late departures, mechanical issues, weather and more, there are many things which that might influence your travels when planning a holiday and one thing may stop of all your other plans. Almost always these circumstances are unforeseen, which is why the backup of insurance is vital for unpredictable travel interruptions.

To find the right travel insurance for you, it is best to search and research the type of insurance cover you will need if anything happened. Sailing Whitsundays does not sell travel insurance and is instead an independent travel agent. 


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