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Sailing Adventures in the Whitsundays

Make your dreams come true on a once-in-a-lifetime sailing trip around the magical Whitsundays.

And it is so easy to do with a variety of different sailing vessels to suit all tastes, styles and budgets to choose from.

Whether you are wanting a social, party vessel, a more relaxed eco-adventure, plenty of scuba diving, a cruising catamaran or a stylish, romantic tour for a couple, the Whitsunday has something for you.

But if you are still not sure on what is what when it comes to choosing a trip, we have broken it down for you.


The most popular style of vessel in the Whitsundays are certainly the catamarans, which are known to be more stable and ideal for those who get sea-sick. The Whitsundays features a number of different tours on catamarans including Tongarra, Whitsunday Adventurer, Powerplay, On Ice, Wings, Whitsunday Blue and Whitsunday Getaway.

Small group sailing

If you are wanting a pleasant, relaxing holiday away from the crowds and in a more intimate atmosphere, than look no further. Taking a range of 6-14 passengers in total, these vessels are ideal for solo travellers, couples and those wanting a more intimate feel and plenty of room on the boat.

Private charter

For a group of family or friends wanting to hire a vessel just to themselves, private charters are the best way to have a memorable, personalised holiday on a boat. Private charters offer an intimate setting which includes a skipper and a host to do all the work for you. The price includes all meals, the vessel and crew.

Scuba Diving

For the scuba enthusiasts, there is no better place to do it than the Great Barrier Reef Marina Park with many different sites to choose from around the islands. For those who are really eager, there are two overnight sailing vessels which visit the outer Great Barrier Reef, offering the chance to dive on the outer reef and sleep there. These vessels are Anaconda 3 and Kiana.

Backpackers (18-35)

Possibly the most renowned tours in Australia for all young visitors is a sailing trip on a backpacker boat. With a like-minded group of passengers all aged between 18-35, these tours are generally very social, fun-filled and adventurous with plenty to see and do onboard and off the vessel. These tours range in price and are great for those who are backpackers or on a budget.

Short on time

Created for visitors who can only go on 1 night tour (both trips are 2 days and 2 nights), these vessels are great for those short on time but don’t want to miss anything on the itinerary. There a few different options including eco-adventures, backpacker trips and small group sailing. 

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