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Meet Our Well-Travelled Travel Experts

Meet Anne! 

Anne Sailing Whitsunday Team

A lover of everything sunshine and sailing-related, our awesome travel consultant Anne has come a long way to work in the Whitsundays. Hailing from Germany, Anne came to Australia in 2018 despite having a neat and structured life complete with an intense sales job, car and flat in her hometown, Hamburg.

Nevertheless, she up and left in search of warmer days, tropical adventures and work on the water. While it was a big decision to leave Germany and the security of her life to start from scratch, Anne’s never looked back! 

Initially arriving in Sydney to work in the harbour, Anne fell in love with boats and sailing. Without further ado, she attained her day skipper ticket, hosted on an array of catamarans and competed in twilight races. However, after about a year of learning, sailing and working in Sydney Harbour, Anne was craving more for her sailing career. So, this bold adventurer followed the advice of her co-worker skippers, leading her straight to the Whitsundays, described to her as the “mecca for sailing.”

Anne has been living and loving the Whitsundays since 2018, and describes her life as “pretty much a full-time vacation.” Her favourite thing about working and living in our slice of paradise is that she has 74 tropical islands in her backyard that she can experience and play around with. On her days off (and her days on), you can find Anne jumping on a boat, hoisting sails, getting out into nature, dropping an anchor and laying on the white shores of hidden Whitsunday beaches! 

Anne has a local place with ocean views, a job amongst incredible islands and now proudly owns her own boat. Indeed, she really is living a European’s dream, complete with sunny days and a tropical lifestyle! Her advice to those looking to escape and adventure is to “just do it!” as it really is easier than it may seem. 

Reach out to Anne today to chat about your next overseas holiday where the days are warmer, the waters are sparkling and the adventure is yours for the taking! 

Meet Eline! 

Eline Sailing Whitsundays Team

Our star travel consultant and resident Dutchie, Eline, is a total travel-lover with first-hand experience on an array of our modern vessels here in the Whitsundays! When she’s not at work you can find Eline kicking back by the beach or planning her next adventure, but she has come a long way from home to enjoy this beloved, relaxed Aussie lifestyle.

Originally from Holland, Eline’s life looked completely different when she lived in the Netherlands. After completing an entire law degree, Eline realised that the life of continuous work and further study culture she felt surrounded by in Tilburg was just not for her! So, this adventurous gal packed her bags and hopped on a plane to embark on her world trip… or that was what was planned anyway. 

Making her way up the East Coast on a road trip from Sydney with an eclectic car-full of brotherly Alaskan fishermen, Eline ended up in the ever-incredible Whitsundays. Little did she know that this was where would spend the next three years! When she booked a trip with Wings, Eline was offered a job aboard as a hostie, and so the Whitsunday adventure really began!

After a long spell in Airlie Beach, a visit back to the Netherlands, a trip to New Zealand, Eline and her partner settled in the Gold Coast where Eline works remotely as a travel consultant. Spending her days wherever she wants, she loved imparting her first-hand sailing knowledge on travellers looking to visit the pristine Whitsundays! One of the best things about flexible remote work is that Eline can really go anywhere, and in her words, “stay longer as long as I have my laptop with me!”

Obviously, Eline loves the warmer climate and incredible scenery of Australia, but her number one favourite aspect of living here is the relaxed, laid-back lifestyle she enjoys here which she feels is very different from the culture in Europe. 

“Everyone is so focussed on degrees and careers in the Netherlands, whereas here there’s a lot more focussed on happiness. Experience and enjoyment are way more important… your degree or job doesn’t define you. I love being able to grab a beer with my boss and feel like an equal, in a relaxed and happier culture.”

Book your next holiday with Eline today to get honest, first-hand travel advice from an experienced, adventurous and exceptionally lovely sailing expert!

Meet Olli! 

Olli Sailing Whitsundays Team

As our lead software developer, Olli has been using his creative and critical brain to optimise our systems since 2008. Known as our go-to computer wizard and organiser of chaos, Olli fills his days designing top-notch, back-end solutions for programs that the whole team uses, every day.

Born in Germany, Olli has spent his lifetime globetrotting, until he finally reached Australia. In fact, he started off as a concreter, where he built villas and factories all around Europe! While he’s no longer lifting bricks, Olli’s diligent work ethic has stuck around. With a combination of techy know-how accumulated from qualifications in Germany, as well as a lot of self-teaching, Olli is an absolute wizard once his fingers start flying over the keyboard.

After a long spell of moving homes around Aus, Olli’s now based in Alice Springs with his wife, and on the weekends Olli spends his time exploring his own tropical backyard. One of Olli’s favourite parts of working for Sailing Whitsundays is the flexible lifestyle that allows him to adventure and discovers the incredible corners of Australia, working from wherever the wind takes him!

Our team of travel and boating experts have come from far and wide, so get in touch today to chat with one of our many digital nomads who have found a tropical home in Australia! 

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