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Is Sailing Whitsundays Legit?

Updated Tue 19 Apr 2022

About Sailing Whitsundays

Sailing Whitsundays is an established, renowned and accredited travel agency right here in the Whitsundays. Yes, we are legit!

Established in 2002, we have decades of local experience connecting travellers with their dream holidays in a tropical paradise. With the best prices in town and a vibrant team that have local knowledge coming out of their ears, Sailing Whitsundays is a safe, secure and wonderful choice for booking your next Whitsunday getaway! 

With an abundance of tour companies inundating the web (some more legit than others), we understand that booking your Whitsunday holiday can be difficult to navigate! Read on to find out more about Sailing Whitsundays, including our accreditations, company structure, team and why you should book with us. 

Whitsunday Adventurer Sailing Whitsundays

Accredited AFTA members

As one of two accredited members of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) in Airlie Beach, Sailing Whitsundays strives to represent and better the QLD tourism industry through professional, honest and easy customer interactions. AFTA is the national peak body for the Australian tourism industry, acting as a watchdog as well as working to enhance the professionalism and quality of travel agencies. 

Whitsunday’s largest boat cooperative

Sailing Whitsundays offers the widest range of boat tours in the Whitsundays and we are proud to work and collaborate with the largest array of boat owners in the area. The main secret to our success is the open, honest and durable relationships with local boat owners, and we strive to maintain a community within our cooperative, as we all work towards our common goal: getting guests out to the beautiful Whitsunday Islands in style!

Streetfront store in the middle of Airlie Beach

The Sailing Whitsundays’ storefront is physically located on Airlie Esplanade, and we are proud to have the best, street-front shop right in the middle of Airlie Beach! Always bustling with our busy, friendly team planning incredible itineraries for travellers, you can come on down and ask your Whitsunday questions in person! We also have plenty of bag storage and are happy to store your luggage while you’re out exploring the islands. Find our store here.

Staff with first-hand sailing experience

Boasting impeccable customer service, Sailing Whitsundays prides itself on hiring staff with rich, local experience… pretty much, we know what we’re talking about! If you chat with one of our staff online, on the phone or in person, rest assured you are probably talking to somebody that used to skipper or host on one of our luxury vessels. This means you will get clear, first-hand recommendations from somebody who knows the answers to even the hardest of questions within 24 hours! Meet our small, talented team of Whitsunday experts here.

Book luxury catamarans direct with the operator

Our close-knit relationships with boat owners and operators mean that you are booking directly with the local operator... you won't find this anywhere else in the Whitsundays! Rather than through numerous businesses with unnecessary fees, your money goes directly to local boat owners when you book a tour. Choose from our range of exclusive, luxury catamarans knowing that there is nothing nasty in the fine print! We keep it simple, local and direct here at Sailing Whitsundays.

Property and accommodation in Airlie Beach

As a long-time local business, Sailing Whitsundays has investment properties and accommodation in Airlie Beach itself! We are invested in the progress and wellbeing of our local, flourishing region, and have been lucky enough to grow with it for two decades. If you are stuck for accommodation on your next Whitsunday getaway, we might even have a few hidden gem accommodation options for you to explore… just chat to our friendly local agents! 

A local, family-owned business since 2002

Sailing Whitsundays is a family-owned and operated agency, and we’ve been working our Whitsunday magic since 2002. Due to our long-time standing and exceptional relationships with local boat owners, we are able to offer travellers some of the most competitive prices in the region. Cherishing creativity, hard work and fun, the whole team is a part of the family, and we keep the good vibes rolling all the while planning your next dream holiday! 

Sailing Whitsundays Family on Whitsunday Getaway About Us is Sailing Whitsundays Legit?

If you have any questions for our travel experts about Sailing Whitsundays, or have chosen to book your next getaway with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are here to help with anything, big or small!

Call us on +61 7 4914 2425 or live chat with one of our local travel experts today! 

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  • Our experts are Based in Airlie Beach
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  • Whitsundays biggest boat cooperative

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