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Dolphins in the Whitsundays

With the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park being an aquatic playground for many types of marine life and coral species, the Whitsundays is of course home to arguably the most famous of all dolphin species, the Bottlenose dolphins.

These incredible mammals are a common sighting in the region all-year round and are easily identified by their size and shape.

Though it is not guaranteed, it is a regular occurrence for guests onboard overnight sailing trips in the Whitsundays to witness either one or a pod of dolphins casually swimming around the Whitsunday islands, and quite often the animal is undeterred by the boat and continues on its way, allowing plenty of photo opportunities.

They can also be quite playful and often follow or swim in front of the vessel when it is in motion and also are active feeders at night.

The best opportunity to witness this is to be a passenger on Wings, Whitsunday Adventurer, Powerplay and Whitsunday Blue which are all equipped with special underwater blue lights which attract marine life in the evening.

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