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Diving in the Whitsundays

The Whitsundays is the best place to experience your first real scuba dive, and what is better, you are able to do this onboard an overnight sailing vessel.

That’s right, most of the best sailing trips offer either rendezvous scuba diving or onboard diving at some of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks most renowned reef locations in the Whitsundays.

How do I scuba dive?

When choosing an overnight sailing vessel, confirm the trip offers either rendezvous or onboard diving either on the product page itself or just ask one of our top travel consultants here at Sailing-Whitsundays.

You are able to pre-book one dive with the vessels which offer rendezvous diving by meeting up with onboard diving vessel ‘Tornado’.

If you are interested in undertaking more than 1 dive, than it is best to opt for the sailing trip which offer onboard diving such as Anaconda 3, Kiana, Apollo, Samurai, Summertime, New Horizon and Atlantic Clipper.

These vessels are usually able to offer up to 5 scuba dives and the possibility of a night dive as well (at the onboard diving instructors discretion).

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