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Airlie Beach Night Life 

As a mecca for the world-wide backpacker crowd, Airlie beach is almost a constant buzz with activity along the main street; particularly when the sun sets.

Not only does the sun set offer a great view over the horizon, but it is the cue for the street to come alive with the bars, clubs and restaurants ready for locals and tourists alike to hit the town. And, with one main street, you won’t need to walk far to get a great meal, followed by a great drink at any of the venues on offer.

Some of Airlie's Venues

One of the best places to have a drink and watch the world go by, Magnums Bar is located in the centre of town and is definitely one of the biggest venues in town. Magnums’ beer garden (with 2 bar areas) is the best place to grab a drink and sit or have a game of pool with your mates! When the sun goes down, Magnums opens up their inside bar/club area which holds different themed nights regularly including foam parties, ladies night and jelly wrestling competitions.

A backpacker favourite also located in the middle of town, Beaches is a great watering hole with plenty of specials on food and drinks. This is a great place to meet like-minded travellers with most post-boat trip parties starting in Beaches. Beaches often has live music which attracts both locals and travellers and creates a great social atmosphere.

Located at the end of town, Phoenix is often the place to begin your night out with pumping music in a slightly smaller venue.  There is plenty of comfortable seating, an in-house DJ and a dance floor to set the mood. There’s plenty of benefits as well, including free pizza on certain evenings.

Paddy's Shenanigans
Affectionately known as ‘Paddy’s’, this is a very popular Irsh pub which is popular among locals and tourists for its relaxed yet invigorating atmosphere. With great live music, Paddy's is certainly one of the top venues in town with a well-used dancefloor and their own in-house signature drinks, including shakers and tea pots. Paddys is great from early to late!

Boom Nightclub
One of Airlie’s most well-known clubs, Boom often features top DJ’s from out of town creating a terrific, party atmosphere. The large dancefloor and assortment of laser lights all add to the pumping atmosphere inside this nightclub. End your night on a high after visiting Boom!

Mama Africa
Notorious for its zebra striped dancefloor ad red carpet entrance, Mamas is a rocking night club after dark. As one of the top nightclubs in town, Mamas certainly gets going later on in the night, and its hot music makes it the place to visit while in town. Get ready for a tasty cocktail and plenty of dancing at Mamas.

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