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British Defender Sailing Trip

British Defender offers a mix of fast sailing, socialising and water activities for a trip that is a hit for those with a sense of adventure and fun. 

Ideal for travellers aged 18-35, British Defender takes 28 guests in total to offer an exciting and entertaining trip around the Whitsundays at a great value price.

Most exciting of all, is British Defender is a maxi yacht, meaning she is twice the size of normal vessels and can reach incredible speeds. She is designed for sailing and with the wind power behind you, there is nothing quite as impressive as a maxi yacht. 

Besides having speed on her side, British Defender also boasts a huge deck area, perfect for socialising, unwinding with a book or sunbathing. She has just as much room below the deck in the saloon area or open plan accommodation space that is ideal for hanging out and relaxing. Her interior is also air conditioned for maximum comfort. 

When she is not maxing out on speed when in full sail (with guests able to assist the crew doing so), British Defender will head to some of the best locations around the Whitsunday islands, including 4 excellent snorkel sites to get up close to the inquisitive marine life.

For those really wanting to see more of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, this vessel also offers a rendezvous scuba for both beginners and certified divers.

Back onboard, British Defender will make her way to the most famous island of them all, Whitsunday Island, where passengers can experience the magic of Whitehaven Beach and its pure silica sands.

The crew will also take the group on a guided bushwalk to Hill Inlet Lookout where the view of the sands below is just as incredible as the beach itself.

When her guests aren’t gallivanting around the islands, there is plenty to do back onboard including evening festivities, socialising and enjoying a drink on the deck as the sun goes down.

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