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Solway Lass

FROM: $559

Departure Times

Departs: 7:30pm - Tuesday, Saturday
Returns: 4:30pm - Friday, Tuesday

Pricing Options

RRP $599 $559 AUD per Person - Shared Accom (Between: 01 Apr 2018 and 01 Apr 2019)
RRP $629 $599 AUD per person - Private Double Cabin (requires 2 people) ($1198 Total) (Between: 01 Apr 2018 and 01 Apr 2019)
RRP $629 $599 AUD per person - Private Twin Cabin (requires 2 people) ($1198 Total) (Between: 01 Apr 2018 and 01 Apr 2019)
RRP $789 $749 AUD per person - Private Double/Twin Cabin with Ensuite (requires 2 people) ($1498 Total) (Between: 01 Apr 2018 and 01 Apr 2019)
$959 AUD per Cabin - Sole use Private Cabin (Between: 01 Apr 2018 and 01 Apr 2019)
$1369 AUD per Cabin - Sole use Private Cabin with Ensuite (Between: 01 Apr 2018 and 01 Apr 2019)

Sail, relax, snorkel, and explore on a classic tall ship

Jump on board Solway Lass for a 3 day and 3 night excursion which delves deep into history. With 10 sails flying and over the 5,500 feet of sail area, the tall ship is a sight to see as she manoeuvres around the Whitsunday waters. Solway features an impressive rope swing, comfortable cabins and bow nets so guests can enjoy their own space on the large vessel. With a mixed group on board, everyone will enjoy the experience of sailing on an authentic ship (you even have the chance to steer the classic ship), and seeing the best of the Whitsundays. 

Solway Lass is the best way to experience a traditional sailing trip around the Whitsundays - with history below your feet and sails above. Guests will learn about her long and interesting history as they explore the islands, with opportunities to snorkel, visit Whitehaven Beach and relax. Attracting a mixed group, Solway Lass is a large, stable vessel which sails around the Whitsunday islands for 3 days and 3 nights, leading you on a journey that will include plenty of activities and plenty of sights to see with tropical islands. Guests can take the opportunity to steer this amazing ship while she is at sea for an authentic sailing experience - Solway's itinerary offers something for everyone! Spend your nights in your comfortable cabin which is lined with cedar and teak softly lit with a modern brass lantern, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Solway Lass Features:

  • Authentic sailing experience
  • Air-conditioned cabins
  • Saloon area with a licensed bar
  • Hot showers and 240V power available on board
  • Meals freshly-prepared onboard
  • Enjoy swinging from the Tarzan rope!
  • Snorkel gear and wetsuits provided
  • Large spacious decks
  • Large cabins
  • Private and shared cabins available
  • Historic boat

If you enjoy adventure and history mixed in with a dash of paradise, look no further than Solway Lass!

Solway lass, on Anchor Tongue bay

Boat Layout

Solway Lass Floorplan

Solway Lass is a comfortable vessel, featuring air-conditioning, separate male and female bathrooms as well as 11 private double, twin or shared cabins. The cabins are appointed with brass lamps, cedar and oak timbers, personal reading lamps and comfy beds. She was originally launched in 1902 and is 88 feet long.

  • Shared Single: Single bed in either a 4 share or 6 share cabin with shared amenities
  • Private Twin Cabin: Two single beds in a private cabin with shared amenities
  • Private Double Cabin: One double bed in a private cabin with shared amenities 
  • Private Twin Ensuite Cabin: Two single beds in a private cabin with a private bathroom
  • Private Double Ensuite Cabin: One double bed in a private cabin with a private bathroom

*Private Triple and Quad Cabins available on request. Please enquire for more details.

Sample Itinerary

Solway Lass aims to spend a full three days exploring the Whitsunday Islands with adventure, relaxation and amazement at the top of the priority list. You'll get to visit Whitehaven Beach, located on Whitsundays Island, as well as Hill Inlet Lookout for an amazing and once in a lifetime experience. Known for its white silica sands and clear waters, the beaches stretch for 7 kilometres and create unique and beautiful patterns in the changing tides. One of your crew members will take you on an bushwalk up to lookout where you can see them for yourself and learn about the local wildlife and history along the way. and along the way. Guests will also have the chance to snorkel in the beautiful reefs surrounding the Whitsunday Islands, getting to see the amazing and diverse sea and amazing coral formations that live below. With Solway Lass' amazing history, stunning structure, and fun itinerary, you're sure to have the time of your life on board this Whitsunday icon.

Snorkelling the whitsundaysLocations

  • Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island
  • Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitsunday Island
  • The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  • Hook, Hayman, and Whitsunday Island


  • Snorkelling
  • Bush walking
  • Authentic Tall-Ship Sailing
  • Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • Tarzan rope swing 

Solway Lass Hill Inlet Lookout

Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet Lookout
Be sure to have your cameras ready because you wont want to miss the opportunity to capture the most incredible view of the swirling sands of Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach! Our tour guide will take you for a scenic bush walk up to the lookout, and when you're finished there, its time to hit up the beach! You will have plenty of time to soak up the sun, go for a refreshing swim, even wade among baby sharks and stingrays.

Hammocks on the beach whitsundays, whitehaven

Sample Menu

Night One
Evening snack: Party pies and sausage rolls with dipping sauce
Dinner: Pumpkin soup with either garlic bread or warm crusty bread with butter

Day One
Breakfast: Breakfast which is three cereals, white, wholemeal and fruit bread, baked beans or spaghetti, yoghurt, milk. Spreads including: margarine, vegemite, peanut butter, honey, strawberry jam and marmalade. Orange juice.
Morning tea: Assortment of biscuits or fruit cake
Lunch: Lunch varies every trip. BBQ sausages, veggie burgers, pasta salad, potato bake/salad/mash, green salad and fresh cob loaf
Afternoon tea: Fresh fruit Platter
Evening snack: Nachos with melted cheese, salsa and sour cream
Dinner: BBQ chicken or chicken curry (either green curry, satay or Italian) with rice greek salad and yoghurt and cucumber sauce

Day Two
Breakfast: Breakfast which is three cereals, white, wholemeal and fruit bread, baked beans or spaghetti, yoghurt, milk. Spreads including: margarine, Vegemite, peanut butter, honey, strawberry jam and marmalade. Orange juice.
Morning tea: Assortment of biscuits or fruit cake
Lunch: Cold meat platter, a selection of salads including: cucumber, tomato, sprouts, lettuce and carrot, cheese, tuna salad, curried eggs, pasta bake/salad, and a fresh cob loaf
Afternoon tea: Fresh fruit platter and fruit cake
Evening snack: Dips (sour cream and sweet chilli or sour cream with corn relish and tabasco), cheese plater with crackers, green olives, carrot, gherkins and kabana
Dinner: Roast beef, gravy, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, corn on the cob, peas, fresh warmed plait bread with butter and vegetarian lasagne for vegetarians.
Dessert: Chocolate cake or fruit salad with ice cream and chocolate sauce

Day Three
Breakfast: Breakfast which is three cereals, white, wholemeal and fruit bread, baked beans or spaghetti, yoghurt, milk. Spreads including: margarine, Vegemite, peanut butter, honey, strawberry jam and marmalade. Orange juice.
Morning tea: Assortment of biscuits or fruit cake
Lunch: Warmed quiches, caesar salad with croutons, bacon, egg, parmesan and cos lettuce, couscous salad, greek salad with cucumber, capsicum, black olives, red onion tossed with balsamic or Italian dressing.
Afternoon tea: Fresh fruit platter and fruit cake

Sailing whitsundays, roast chicken solway lass


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What To Bring

  • Swimmers
  • Change of clothes
  • Small, zipperless overnight bag 
  • Sunscreen

Excess luggage can be stored at several places in town including most boat check-in offices, a 24 hour locker shop on The Esplanade, most hostels, or at your accommodation. Most charge between $5-10pp for the duration of your trip.

What's Included

  • Skipper
  • Crew
  • Drinking water
  • Meals
  • Licensed bar
  • Linen
  • Wetsuit hire
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • All Marine Park fees
  • Wet weather jackets if needed
  • Free pickup and drop-off if required 
  • Environmentally friendly bag provided upon check-in

What's Extra

  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are to be purchased from licensed bar (no BYO allowed)

Please read the following questions carefully

Do you currently have an ear infection?
Do you have a history of ear disease, hearing loss or problems with balance?
Do you have a history of ear or sinus surgery?
Are you currently suffering from a cold, congestion, sinusitis or bronchitis?
Do you have a history of respiratory problems, severe attack of hayfever or allergies, or lung disease?
Have you had a collapsed lung (pneumothorax) or history of chest surgery?
Do you have active asthma or history of asthma, emphysema or tuberculosis?
Are you currently taking medication that carries a warning about any impairment of your physical or mental abilities?
Do you have behavioral health problems or a nervous system disorder?
Are you or could you be pregnant?
Do you have a history of colostomy?
Do you have a history of heart disease or heart attack, heart surgery or blood vessel surgery?
Do you have a history of high blood pressure, angina, or take medication to control blood pressure?
Are you over 45 and have a family history of heart attack or stroke?
Do you have a history of bleeding or other blood disorders?
Do you have a history of diabetes?
Do you have a history of seizures, blackouts or fainting, convulsions or epilepsy or take medications to prevent them?
Do you have a history of back, arm or leg problems following an injury, fracture or surgery?
Do you have a history of fear of closed or open spaces or panic attacks (claustrophobia or agoraphobia)?

If any of these conditions apply to you, you will need to tell the staff when you board the vessel.

Terms and Conditions

All departures and itineraries are subject to weather. Tours may be changed or cancelled for any reason at the discretion of the Tour Operator. It should be noted that adventure travel involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard clients, we cannot be responsible for personal injury or loss due to actions of our clients which are beyond our control. We recommend that all clients have travel insurance covering illness, injury, loss or damage to personal belongings and not being able to travel on the confirmed date of departure. Please be aware operators pass on credit card merchant fees so there is a non-refundable 2.5% surcharge for VISA and MASTERCARD card purchases.

Please advise us before booking if any passengers are under 18 years old to ensure this is the appropriate trip. Also please note that you need to allow time prior to the boats departure to check in, please ask us for more details.


All cancellations made result in 25% cancellation fee of the recommended retail price (RRP), not discounted or sale prices. Any cancellations made 60-30 days prior to travel will result in a 50% cancellation fee and any cancellations made inside of 30 days to departure will result in forfeit of full trip fees. If the sailing company has to cancel the trip (prior to the boat's departure) and we cannot offer a suitable alternative, then a refund will be given minus card fees. We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance, especially during the wet season.

Please note it is the responsibility of ALL passengers travelling to advise both your travel agent at the time of booking and vessel check-in agent before boarding of ANY medical conditions including food allergies you may suffer from.

Thank you for booking with Mr Travel/Sailing Whitsundays. If you would like any advice or assistance in arranging accommodation, transfers or additional tours, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Everything was brilliant!"
Mon 22 Jan 2018
"During my stay at Solway Lass, I felt comfortable because of the good quality of service that the crew members gave me!"
Fri 03 Nov 2017
"Awesome holiday, relaxing and comfortable, the crew was friendly, respectful helpful!"
Fri 25 Aug 2017
"My 6th trip on Solway Lass and as always it was awesome! Fabulous crew who were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I will continue to highly recommend this trip to family and friends."
Tue 15 Aug 2017
"Delicious food, clean and tidy. Everything we needed was there. Loved the additional information about the region and marine life that we could see."
Mon 17 Jul 2017
"The boat and the crew really make this experience special. I loved that we went to so many different places. Thank you friends!"
Wed 24 May 2017
"Had an amazing 3 days on the Solway Lass. The crew was so friendly ad helpful and made it so fun. The food was incredible with 3 full meals a day, and we got to see Whitehaven and snorkel with turtles! I will recommend this trip to all my friends!"
Fri 28 Apr 2017
"Our 3rd trip on the Solway Lass and it never disappoints. Excellent crew, a great mix of passengers and the beautiful Whitsundays combine to create the ideal 3 day trip. The food was exceptional and of course they take you to all the best places including Whitehaven. Cabins are compact but comfortable (including aircon), there are showers on board and you can buy alcohol at the bar, everything else is included in the price. This is not a backpacker party boat, it's fun for all groups and ages."
Tue 21 Mar 2017
"It has been a very good trip with a lot of fun. Nice to be on a sail boat with a lot of history :)"
Mon 23 Jan 2017
"Great crew, great bays, great food, good mix of people, great experience!"
Fiona and Daniel
Sun 04 Dec 2016
"Great trip! Crew was amazing, food was great and the boat is beautiful! I am a vegetarian and the food provided was great and I was given a good non-meat option at every meal!"
Mon 21 Nov 2016
"Had an amazing 3 days on the Solway Lass. The crew was so friendly ad helpful and made it so fun. The food was incredible with 3 full meals a day, and we got to see Whitehaven and snorkel with turtles! I will recommend this trip to all my friends!"
Tue 15 Nov 2016
"Crew was excellent and tried to make all the passengers comfortable and happy. I enjoyed snorkelling and the rope swing was really great! The boat was very clean and comfortable! Thanks!"
Fri 04 Nov 2016
"Had an amazing time. Great job from the crew to always be friendly and helpful. "
Thu 03 Nov 2016
"Lots of fun, and great passengers! There was beautiful scenery, excellent food and comfortable cabins!"
Tue 04 Oct 2016
"Great trip! Crew was amazing, food was great and the boat is beautiful! I am a vegetarian and the food provided was great at every meal!"
Hailey Hudsen
Thu 15 Sep 2016
"It has been a very good tour! The staff were very nice and professional - it was an amazing experience... and I saw a reef shark!"
Mon 01 Aug 2016
"We really enjoyed our trip here. The crew were positive, friendly and helpful. We were extremely happy that the weather conditions put no restrictions on activities. Totally exceeded our expectations! "
Katy Frankcombe
Mon 11 Jul 2016
"It has been a very good tour. The staff were very nice and professional. An amazing experience and I saw a reef shark!"
Wed 15 Jun 2016
"Had a brilliant time, amazing snorkelling made even better by tips from the crew! All staff went out of their way for us and made us comfortable throughout. Great atmosphere on board and the perfect mix of people! Really glad we came along. Thank you!"
Dan and Lisa
Mon 06 Jun 2016
"Lots of fun, great crew, great passengers and beautiful scenery. There was excellent food and comfortable cabins. The experience cannot be criticised in any way!"
Thu 12 May 2016
"Had an amazing 3 days on Solway Lass! Staff are so friendly and helpful and made it fun. Food was incredible with three full meals a day. Got to see Whitehaven Beach and snorkel with turtles. Will be recommending to all my friends!"
Thu 05 May 2016
"Loved the crew and the friends we made on Solway Lass. Everyone was great! We had 3 children and the crew and other travellers were lovely! Highly Recommend it. One child has food allergies and they were so accommodating and helpful. Wonderful experience for all!"
Wed 02 Mar 2016
"My husband, friend and I spent 3 nights on the Solway Lass and absolutely loved it. The crew was fantastic, thank you! The food was good and served often, the balance of adventure and relaxation was perfect, and the diving and snorkelling was just beautiful!"
Wed 04 Nov 2015
"Very pleasant experience, crew worked hard to make everyone comfortable, and were great with children onboard."
Wed 30 Sep 2015
"Great atmosphere created by the crew. Very relaxed and welcoming, Highly professional. Meals were excellent! All days were good fun, informative and relaxing. The crew have created the perfect balance of relaxation and entertain and involvements. Thanks guys."
Wed 23 Sep 2015
"It was a really good experience and the sites we visited were amazing. The crew did an amazing job! "
Sun 20 Sep 2015
"Great crew, very welcoming and friendly. The food was excellent. A very good experience, we will recommend to others."
Mon 07 Sep 2015
"Had a great time in a wonderful area. Crew put in a huge effort all the time - friendly, helpful and never stopped working. "
Tue 18 Aug 2015
"I would highly recommend the trip with Solway Lass! It was great!"
Sun 16 Aug 2015
"Awesome crew. Thank you for everything. I had a wonderful sailing trip!"
Fri 14 Aug 2015
"The crew were better than expected and suitable for a girl, 2 and half years old, and myself and I am 68! The crew were professional, friendly but not to much."
Tue 11 Aug 2015
"This has been a great trip. We have seen many beautiful places and experienced many new things. Very happy about the crew and the food was fantastic!"
Sun 02 Aug 2015
"Fantastic trip! Thank you , thank you to the crew. Weather, snorkelling, sailing and everything else was great. "
Sun 26 Jul 2015
"Great trip, great crew, amazing atmosphere and great information about sailing."
Mon 20 Jul 2015
"The crew, boat and trip in general were fantastic! We were lucky to have a lot of wildlife sightings which made it even better. Favourite part of the boat was the rope swing, improvement point would be seat cushions for mid week."
Tue 14 Jul 2015
"Quickly became comfortable and very pleased with the sailing experience. Fun and friendly crew, great food, very accommodating. We will spread the word! Special thanks to Tim for giving me a turn at the wheel."
Mon 25 May 2015
"Great atmosphere, awesome crew and food (great options for vegetarians). Cabins were comfortable and clean."
Tue 19 May 2015
"The spots were awesome and the Solway Lass is a highlight itself, not comparable to all the other boats. The swing rope is a special thing as well, which has made so much fun. The trip with the Solway Lass is definitely one of the highlights on our holiday! And a BIG thank you to the crew! "
Sun 10 May 2015
"Great 3 day trip, worth every penny. Top crew making the experience even more better!"
Mon 27 Apr 2015
"If you have the time, go for the three night trips, they are worth every penny! Top crew and great food, made the experience that much better. "
Sat 04 Apr 2015
"Awesome, fabulous crew, fab food, great crew, really enjoyed sailing."
Mon 23 Mar 2015
"Awesome trip, awesome ship, bloody awesome crew! Enjoyed every second of it. "
Thu 12 Mar 2015
"A fantastic trip with my family - passionate crew, knowledgable and great hosts. Thank you to all for such a memorable holiday. "
Sara, Darren, Mila and Luca
Thu 05 Mar 2015
"I ve been on a tour 8 years ago and I have to say that this trip was so much better! The crew was amazing and the food very delicious. Thank you !"
Thu 26 Feb 2015
"Once in a lifetime experience, good crew and great food! "
Doug Allen
Tue 17 Feb 2015
"Fantastic Time. PARADISE"
Rosie & John
Wed 04 Feb 2015
"Great Staff/ crew, tost of fun and a good blend of people on the trip"
Fri 30 Jan 2015
"Very friendly and helpful crew. Loved the shade area on the middle for meals"
Roth Family
Tue 27 Jan 2015
"It was a fantastic trip! and I had a lovely time!!!! Especially the food!!! I need to emphasise our cooks amazing talent! The whole crew gave us an amazing time on sea."
Sun 11 Jan 2015
Crew is friendly and always try to share background into like history and culture. Food is great as well. Overall its a trip ill recommend to my friend. So thanks for the service. "
Yong Sheng
Mon 05 Jan 2015
"Big Thanks to the Solway Lass Crew - all 9/10 rating"
Fri 26 Dec 2014
"Had a wonderful trip - it wasn t the boat we booked but he had a great time. Being able to do a range of activities (walk, swim etc) was a good experience and we were able to explore the Whitsundays. Crew was helpful and fun. 10/10"
Fri 21 Nov 2014
"Very informative Trip, I would recommend it to other people"
Fri 07 Nov 2014
" Check in office 8/10 Quality of Adventure 9/10 Your Crew 10/10 The quality of food 10/10 Presentation of the boat 9/10 "
Wed 22 Oct 2014
"We had a fabulous 3 days, really relaxing trip and crew were great. The chef was superb. The food was excellent. Kurt was a good barman. All the crew were helpful and attentive. Would be helpful to have more lighting on the boat and more cushioned seating. "
Thu 18 Sep 2014
"What a wonderful adventure and the heaven held back on the rain even though Jan the wet season. We saw whales!! yea really and dolphins ands turtles and squid and so many amazing coloured fish and coral I didnt get seasick! yay!"
Karen Guyer
Tue 16 Sep 2014
"Everything was perfect for value. Kin & crews beautiful ship. Great foods, 10 point surely!"
Tak Lee
Sun 14 Sep 2014
"À wonderful adventure. Well planned. Food very good. Crew members very friendly and helpful."
Sun 07 Sep 2014
"This trip was everything we expected and so much more. Everything from the atmosphere to the food was top class. The crew and passengers made the trip a great adventure for us."
Maria Caluo
Thu 04 Sep 2014
"Had a fabulous time, the food was excellent, dave works miracles in his small gallay and all the crew were easy to get along with. We were also lucky to have a really great group of fellow travellers. "
Sue & Rob Davies
Mon 01 Sep 2014
Awesome trip, first time on a boat, great crew, daves food, cooking soooooo nice. Bunks, showers, everything was good. Recommend to others sail on Solway lass. Having a bar on-board was super. Nikki very nice and obliging. "
Sandra Goddard
Wed 27 Aug 2014
The crew made this trip unforgettable, the friendly atmosphere and the care they took planning our ventures made for one of the best trips I've been on in a long white. The entire family loved this trip! "
Amie Goddard
Sun 24 Aug 2014
"Crew were all very welcoming and friendly, food was exceptional and the facilities on board very good. Bar prices very reasonable. Places we visited were great. Especially Whitehaven Beach"
Fri 22 Aug 2014
"Everything was fantastic, food way great! Crew was knowledgeable and crew fun!"
Shirin Adobehj
Mon 18 Aug 2014
"AMAZING. I want to quit my desk job and work on this boat ! Awesome Crew + Amazing food Thank you !"
Fri 15 Aug 2014
"Absolutely fantastic trip, enjoyed every second! This was the perfect way to end my trip to Australia, gutted to be leaving. Thanks!"
Paul Grainger
Sat 09 Aug 2014
"10/10. Amazing! I had so much Fun! "
Emil Fredriksson
Tue 05 Aug 2014
"Despite the clouds the trip was everything we expected and more. The crew are friendly and it is admirable to see how experienced and great they are at there jobs. It is clear that they enjoy and take pride in what they do. The tour was amazing and I really appreciated the care they took in planning the route dependent on weather."
Sabrina Williams
Sun 03 Aug 2014
"Excellent food, friendly crew, great boat."
Nick Car
Sun 03 Aug 2014
"Good experience & mix of passengers, crew knowledgeable and informative. Quality of food and chef excellent. Shame about non use of toilet in room 8. Price of drinks - good value. "
Peter, Helen, Robert & Julie
Sat 02 Aug 2014
"Great hosts and awesome trip! Staff good, food good and perfect weather so we are absolutely happy!"
Fri 18 Jul 2014
CREW - 10/10
FOOD - 10/10
BOAT -10/10
Would be helpful if the crew warns the diving people the day before of not taking pills against stress. Trip was amazing and I enjoy it very much."
MArcella Muerich
Mon 14 Jul 2014
"The whole trip was really great - the crew very friendly and informative of what was planned. Ellie was a great host behind the bar. Sarah did a great job of preparing wonderful food. "
Antony Blackburn
Sun 13 Jul 2014
"Ellie was awesome!!! Cool bar! Only bad this was the weather at the beginning. Sarah also great - awesome food! Rope swing fun! More info at the beginning ie breakfast times, trip plans etc."
F Brown
Tue 08 Jul 2014
The crew was great - very funny, helpful, informed. We got lots to see incredible areas in the Whitsundays and it was wonderful experience. "
Amelia Ulsh
Sun 06 Jul 2014
"Crew super helpful and vigilant, non intrusive. Fun adventurer and felt very safe 24/7. Enjoyed the company of like minded travellers. Wonderful Experience. once could so as much or as little as you liked. "
Glenda McGill
Tue 01 Jul 2014
"great crew, great boat. Had a lot of fun! Thanks guys"
Sophie Schogl
Tue 01 Jul 2014
CREW - 10/10+
FOOD - 9.9/10
BOAT -10/10
The most amazing trip I have ever experienced. The crew were so caring that it didn't seem they were working. It was as fun as could, we had so much laugh. If every humans cared in the same ways the world would be a most beautiful place and happy. The sailing was awesome! "
Jacques Gentil
Wed 25 Jun 2014
CREW - 10/10
FOOD - 9/10
BOAT - 9/10
Would you travel again - YES
Had a wonderful time, great supporting crew, safe and steady captain & bosun. Friendly and helpful bar, deckhand and chef and jolly. good snorkelling, walking and sailing experience terrific scenery. Made more enjoyable by the great weather. Fun bunch of travelling companions. "
Stephen McGill
Mon 23 Jun 2014
"Had a fantastic 3 days, made especially good for the crowd on board. Couldn't have been better."
Paul & Tine Jennings
Wed 18 Jun 2014
"The trip was a ripper. Almost everything was excellent only the food could of been better.
CREW - 8/10
FOOD - 6/10
BOAT - 8/10
Would you travel again - YES"
Riess Family
Sun 01 Jun 2014
"It was a fantastic stay on such a beautiful ship with such an interesting history. There was a really relaxed atmosphere on board thank to the crew and the rest of the group. Id definitely recommend Solway Lass to friends."
Suzanne Rodriges
Sun 25 May 2014
"Good Stuff: Private cabins! The food! The cheap bar, The friendly crew, The windows to keep bad weather out. The rope swing. Areas for improvement: It would have been good to stop at hill inlet. It would also have been good to snorkel on day 1.
CREW - 9/10
FOOD - 9/10
BOAT - 8/10
Would you travel again - YES"
Agatha Mems
Wed 21 May 2014
"Great crew, good food and music. I loves the swing with the rope. Thank you guys for a fantastic sailing trip, Cheers mate
CREW - 10/10
FOOD - 10/10
BOAT - 10/10
Would you travel again - YES"
Guido Fuchs
Wed 14 May 2014
"Good informations. Nice trip. Awesome experiences, thanks
CREW - 10/10
FOOD - 10/10
BOAT - 10/10
Would you travel again - YES"
Patrick & Lisa
Mon 12 May 2014
Jen Thompson
Sun 11 May 2014
"A beautiful ship and wonderful crew. Lots of relaxation with a good amount of activities. Good music on board. Food was delicious and well worth the money. Better than any other meals I've had on other tours or even luxury cruises. Barman should know more languages. QUALITY OF TRIP - 8/10 CREW - 9/10 FOOD - 10/10 BOAT - 9/10 Would you travel again - YES"
Stephanie Liu
Sun 11 May 2014
"Absolutely lovely! Crew was totally friendly and professional. Loved to talk to them and watching them sailing. If your not already in kove with the sea as I am you will fall in love on this boat. QUALITY OF TRIP - 10/10 CREW - 10/10 FOOD - 10/10 BOAT - 10/10 Would you travel again - YES"
Tobias Goldbach
Sun 11 May 2014
"Wonderful sailing experience, friendly crew members, awesome foods. enjoyable trip! Particularly appreciate the sharing of boat knowledge & boat/sailing experience from different crew members"
Barry Ho
Sat 10 May 2014
"Crew was awesome. Very friendly, patients and informative. Food of very good quality."
Smith family
Fri 09 May 2014
"Excellent, well run and varied activities, good food, approachable crew."
Ann James
Thu 13 Feb 2014
"Very good trip and lovely crew. Beautiful scenery snorkelling was very good, wish we could do more diving. Need more sitting around tables for dining... really had a good time, thanks to the crew."
Thu 13 Feb 2014
"Very Magical experience. Even better than we expected. great food. Friendly crew Just excellent."
Philip & Hanna
Thu 13 Feb 2014
"Brilliant adventure! absolutely no complaint. Well run trip. Food fantastic - crew excellent. "
Jeanette, Wigel & Rach
Wed 12 Feb 2014
"Crew were fantastic and were so kind and patient with our 7 year old daughter. It will be a holiday that will be hard to beat! Thank you "
Sarah Bull
Sat 08 Feb 2014
"Great trip with fantastic crew and amazing people!!!!"
Santiago Ramos
Wed 05 Feb 2014
"Really enjoyed the snorkelling and intro dive. The crew was excellent as was the relaxed atmosphere of the ship."
John Donegen
Sun 02 Feb 2014
"Very nice experience. The crew have been fantastic."
Heyang, Ying & Hailong
Sun 02 Feb 2014
"Very great tour. A really nice and good crew."
Claudia Fuchs
Tue 21 Jan 2014
"Solway Lass has been the greatest adventure and awoken me to life - This is like!! From being a pirate castaway left on a secluded Island 5star meals and fantastic crew and passengers I have had such an awesome amazing time. Environmentally sustainable and friendly practices also added to my highlights. "
Eileen Khouw
Tue 21 Jan 2014
"Excellent trip! would gladly recommend it to friends and family. The crew were all so helpful and generous with their time - and the food was delicious. "
John White
Sun 19 Jan 2014
"Fabulous trip, very helpful crew, lovely scenery. Cute turtles! Thank you :) "
Rebecca, Terry & Lesley McCabe
Fri 17 Jan 2014
"Crew were knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. If anything perhaps there could have been more activities and or some for of entertainment in the evenings. But having said that the trip, wether and scenery were all fantastic, And I was impressed with every aspect of the food."
Andrew Blackburn
Tue 14 Jan 2014
"Amazing trip the crew made you feel very welcome the moment I boarded the Solway Lass. Everyone onboard was very friendly. I would definitely recommend this trip to friends and family."
Stephen Mackie
Wed 01 Jan 2014
"The tall ship Solway Lass was a beautiful old ship that sailed in the First and Second World Wars. The vessel was gorgeous and wooden, Here I went scuba diving for the first time! I saw beautiful reef, and loads of different fish, including a clown fish (Nemo!), and a giant blue fish (Elvis the locals called him) with intricate designs all over it. Also, there was a rope swing(!) (as you can see),it was great, Anyway, the boat was beautiful, and I spent 3 nights on board. It was lovely and peaceful, and I had a wonderful time. "
Tue 26 Nov 2013
"Great crew, polite, nice sense of humour and knowledge of the islands and history. Good fun."
Vincent Romeo
Tue 19 Nov 2013
"Dave is an amazing chef, better than my many cruises before. Reggie is very funny, great comedian. All crew fun and personable and good at what they do."
Cassandra Hamilton
Tue 19 Nov 2013
"Not a big Sailor so need to adjust but the crew was extremely helpful... Had a blast and some really good fun."
Allie H
Tue 12 Nov 2013
"I had an amazing time on this boat. The crew was awesome as well and the quality of the food was just amazing. thanks for that David!!!"
Torben Brauer
Sun 27 Oct 2013
"I have travelled many places around the world, but never have I experienced a more connected experience due tot he staff on 'Solway Lass' they made you feel part of their family and truly wanted you to have a wonderful experience, which they succeeded to do! Thank you so much - we will do this again!"
Marjorie & Natalie & Nieves
Sun 20 Oct 2013
"This was such a wonderful trip! The Solway Lass is a beautify ship with so much character! There were many interesting areas on the ship to explore. My favourite was the sundeck. This trip would be great for all ages and backgrounds, I was impressed with the diversity of the group. The food was extremely delicious and exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by the exceptional crew on board, not only by their muscular calves, but by their beautiful and shining personalities!"
Fri 18 Oct 2013
"I can't put into words how great this adventure was. The staff was amazing and I loved every minute of it. On the boat you really become a family and they make you feel right at home. The staff was very professional yet very fun. They really made my experience in Australia very good. Thank you for a wonderful experience!"
Mon 14 Oct 2013
"A thoroughly enjoyable few days, would definitely recommend to family and friends."
Paul & Jeni
Wed 09 Oct 2013
"This Adventure was very good. The Crew and all the group is very nice. I have spend a good time. The programme was wonderful. (The visit, walk, scuba-diving, swing, show by crew, the food) Thank you for all."
Fri 04 Oct 2013
"very good Crew!!! Explications, friendly, amazing cooking. We have enjoyed our trip in the Whitsundays. Thank you very much."
Sat 28 Sep 2013
"Very good trip - Amazing experience, never forget!"
Tue 24 Sep 2013
"Trip of a lifetime! the boat itself is a thing of beauty, the crew had the right balance of knowledge and crack! Top marks to the chef who created marvellous food including smashing veggie meals. All in all top notch and highly recommended."
Mon 16 Sep 2013
"A good deal learned on anchoring procedure. Seeing all sails set and adjusted for the angle of the wind was a great experience. Crew showed great seamanship."
Sat 14 Sep 2013
"I really enjoyed the stay on board. Even when the trip was more expensive than other offers I am glad I took this one. I liked that everything was well organized. The only downside was that I had to check in personally in Airlie."
Wed 11 Sep 2013
"Great and humorous crew with high standards of care and patience. "
Tom Mac
Mon 09 Sep 2013
"I had an awesome time! The boat was clean , well equipped and had plenty of space. The crew were very helpful and great fun. Overall it was an amazing adventure and I will recommend it to friends."
M Riches
Sun 08 Sep 2013
"The Dive spot was better, bush walk was awesome. No wind but awesome weather."
Allie & Bard
Tue 03 Sep 2013
"Excellent all round expedition... such a good experience. Big thank you to Elliot and Lauren, not to mention Reggies stand up and Daves excellent food."
Stephen F
Tue 03 Sep 2013
"The crew's passion for the boat and the wildlife and environment was obvious and infectious. We really appreciated the time taken to observe the animals. The crew also went out of their way to make the trip enjoyable and fun. "
Sat 31 Aug 2013
"Good Fun, beautiful landscape, beautiful ship and his crazy crew. Not lucky with the weather but it was still an amazing trip and experience to finish the end of my 2 wonderful years in Australia. Thanks to the crew"
Fri 16 Aug 2013
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