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Last minute deals, Whitsundays

If you are a backpacker or simply a bargain hunter at heart, you won’t be able to go passed a last minute deal on a Whitsundays holiday.

At Sailing-Whitsundays, not only are we are dedicated to getting the best deal and price for all of our customers, but we are also able to offer last minute deals on certain overnight sailing vessels.

While we strongly encourage travellers to book in advance to ensure they get the vessel of choice, spaces can become available at the last minute, and are therefore are often discounted even further.

This can often happen during the low holiday season and are usually cancellations or low passenger numbers booked on the trip.

So if you are considering booking an overnight sailing trip at the last minute you may be lucky enough to pick up the last spot of the boat and save money doing so.

Please note, we encourage all travellers to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Prices can also increase prior to the departure date.

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